Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Share Our Strength Taste of Nations - volunteers needed!

Help with the hottest food and wine event of 2009 and help fight childhood hunger!
Strawberry dipping the night before:
Saturday August 1, 6:00 pm

Les Madeleines Patisserie & Cafe
216 E. 500 South
Salt Lake City, Utah

It is time, once again, for our strawberry dipping party! And we could sure use your help. We will be meeting at Les Madeleines to dip 5 flats of strawberries for the Taste of Nations event that will be held the next day. We have a great time and it will go fast if we have the hands to help! Thanks for your willingness to help us with this. Please email Christina Miller at christinapmiller@hotmail.com or call her at 801-808-8839 if you can come or have any questions. Thanks again!

Share Our Strength - Taste of Nations Solitude Ski Resort
Volunteer Sunday August 2, 9:00am - 5:00 pm. (actual event runs from 12-4pm)
If you want to volunteer at our booth, email Christina (address above). Or, if you'd like to attend as a patron, we have a way for you to purchase discount tickets - just contact Christina.